Master Bathroom renovation Miami

One of my most recent projects was a condo on the beach in Miami. This apartment had a theme; tulips in peach/gold. Everywhere. Wallpaper, custom carpets, sofa, bedding…I know gold is making a comeback, but I really did not feel that was the route to go in this case.

Step one was demolition. The most dramatic changes  happened in the kitchen and bathrooms;

After/Master bath:


For the vanity I used 3 base cabinets from the IKEA kitchen line. Compared to regular bathroom cabinets, they are extra deep (standard kitchen counter depth) , which, if you have the space, is an advantage storage wise. These cabinets are also tall, and if you use the standard feet that come with the base cabinets (minimum 4″/11cm)  you’ll end up with approx 36″/90cm to top of counter. Since I have kids this height can be a bit unpractical. I therefore made a 2″  tall square base of pine to support the cabinets instead. The fronts are also IKEA , dark grey from the Abstract line.

Master bath/before:







Tulip wallpaper, wall to wall carpet (ugh..), stained marble counters, fluorescent lighting, pressed wood cabinets and half wall between sink and toilet. All had to go.



3D Wall tile; Creta Marfil from Porcelanosa, approx. 10USD/tile

White, matte marble tile on floor 24″x24″ (60x60cm) on  floor, tiles cut in half (24″x12″) on side walls in shower area.

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