Guest bathroom renovation Miami

The 2nd bathroom to get a complete overhaul was the kids bathroom. I still wanted a bathtub, and some additional storage is also nice.



I used base kitchen cabinets from IKEA for the vanity (see my post Master bathroom renovation Miami for details on dimension and base). The fronts are also IKEA, ABSTRACT white in high gloss.



The whole bathroom was gutted, although the layout stayed the same. By not changing the position of waterpipes and toilet, you can cut down the cost of renovation drastically. Besides, in small bathrooms you often do not have many options where these pipes should go anyway. Mosaic floor tiles with once white grout (NEVER use white floor grout in bathroom) were replaced with large (24″x24″)/(60x60cm) white , matte marble tile on floor and a 3d Porcelanosa tile (Jersey Nieve), approx 10USD/sqft. The walls were painted with a greyish taupe from Benjamin Moore called “Winds breath”. I love this color, it goes with everything and looks really warm and soft. Using greys in bathrooms can be a bit tricky, as lack of sunlight can give a stark and cold look if the grey is too cool in color. The counter is made of quarts. When you need a small piece like here, it can often pay to visit a stoneplace with a warehouse in the back. Remants can cost half of what you would normally pay.

I ordered the recessed porcelain sink, fixtures and toilet from


Master Bathroom renovation Miami

One of my most recent projects was a condo on the beach in Miami. This apartment had a theme; tulips in peach/gold. Everywhere. Wallpaper, custom carpets, sofa, bedding…I know gold is making a comeback, but I really did not feel that was the route to go in this case.

Step one was demolition. The most dramatic changes  happened in the kitchen and bathrooms;

After/Master bath:


For the vanity I used 3 base cabinets from the IKEA kitchen line. Compared to regular bathroom cabinets, they are extra deep (standard kitchen counter depth) , which, if you have the space, is an advantage storage wise. These cabinets are also tall, and if you use the standard feet that come with the base cabinets (minimum 4″/11cm)  you’ll end up with approx 36″/90cm to top of counter. Since I have kids this height can be a bit unpractical. I therefore made a 2″  tall square base of pine to support the cabinets instead. The fronts are also IKEA , dark grey from the Abstract line.

Master bath/before:







Tulip wallpaper, wall to wall carpet (ugh..), stained marble counters, fluorescent lighting, pressed wood cabinets and half wall between sink and toilet. All had to go.



3D Wall tile; Creta Marfil from Porcelanosa, approx. 10USD/tile

White, matte marble tile on floor 24″x24″ (60x60cm) on  floor, tiles cut in half (24″x12″) on side walls in shower area.


I am a serial renovator. There. I said it. Since my 1st year of college I have been buying ugly places and renovating them. As I again find myself on the familiar path of househounting for another “sold as is” house, I decided to document my journey of buying, planning, designing, subcontracting and “do it yourself”-ing my way to a “perfect home”. This time in Boston.

My other projects include our house in Oslo, Norway, a house in a Boston suburb,  and an apartment in Miami, which I will also include in this blog.