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  1. Mr Leslie Underwtood

    Looking for extra clips for my “unusual” wall cabinet/shelving system. What I have (no one here in Hawaii has any idea what it is) is four vertical wood slats securely screwed into the wall. On the sides of the slats are holes. Each shelf or cabinet has two clips that hold it up. On end of the clip goes into the wood slat and the other end of the clip secures to the cabinet or shelf on either side. The clip itself is made of very sturdy metal and is 3″ long. At either end of the clip the metal turns 90 degrees and goes out from the 3″ portion about 3/4″. The 3/4″ sections of the clip are what slide into the small holes on the slats and cabinets or shelves. There is no maker’s mark anywhere to be found. I have pictures that I can send if you wish of both the clips and the wall system. Do you know of the clips and or can you direct me to someone who does? Thanks.

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